How To Revoke (Unblock) QuizUp Device Ban

QuizUp is a free, award winning-multiplayer game. It was developed by Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games. Later, it was sold to GLU Mobile Inc. for USD 7.5 Million.

My device is blocked. What does that mean?

GLU Mobile help support section itself says that "If you are trying to connect to QuizUp and receive an error stating that your device is blocked. it means you have been blocked from QuizUp. This type of ban can not be revoked. QuizUp will automatically ban users (and block their devices)when they have been deactivated multiple time for breaching our terms of service. 

As you can see in above image also GLU Mobile says 'This kind of ban can not be revoked' but today I will show you how to unblock your device in the situation when QuizUp blocks your device and you are not able to login anymore and get message like 'forbidden or you device is blocked'.

Why did  QuizUp block your device?

There can be many reasons why QuizUp blocked your device and ban you from QuizUp like breaching terms of service, using multiple devices to earn XPs, Cheating, using abusive language in chat or discussion, posting inappropriate images in news feed or displaying inappropriate profile images or screen-names, etc.

I was also banned from QuizUp once for using two devices at the same time to earn XPs faster than others and I was at top position at the end of the tournament but QuizUp banned me and blocked my device for saying that I did not follow the terms and service.

Later after few hours, I decided to get my device unblocked and I tried few ways to unblock it and at last, I was finally succeeded but I did not manage to get back my QuizUp account back and it is still banned.

This way is little annoying because you will have to make back up of all your device's data before performing this method because firstly you will need to reset your device to factory settings and when it is ready to use connect it to WiFi or insert SIM card to access the internet and install backed up QuizUp app, do not install it from Play Store or App Store.

Open the app and you are done, you will see that you can log in with your email and password and you do not get any messages saying 'device blocked' but there is a problem too, you can not use your old account because it is banned, you will have to create a new account to log in to QuizUp.

Sometimes you will see that many people suggest installing different Operating System to your phone to get unblocked from apps which have blocked your device but I think that is not an easy way to do it. So try resetting your device first if it doesn't help try other methods.


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