How To Change The Bluetooth Audio Codec On The OnePlus 5

What makes us very happy that OnePlus opted to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack in its newest handset, there are quiet a few of us out there who use Bluetooth audio on the daily basis. And since you are not getting as good an experience as being hardwired being directly into the device,OnePlus has offered a way to choose from three different audio codecs to suit your particular needs.

So how to access these codecs, and which one does the OnePlus 5 offer? Let's get into it.

First, we will go to the settings app. From where you should scroll down to the very bottom where you can select "Advanced" tab. In this menu you can choose "Bluetooth audio codec" at the last of the page.

There are three options available here. aptX is selected by default, but you can also use aptX HD and SBC for supported headphones. While you likely won't need to change these because it is always nice to have the option.

For more on advance audio codecs, make sure to make sure to check out all the new options supported in Android O.

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