Top 5 Best Launchers For You July 2017

We use smartphones for a lot of things. We use it to make our life easier, we listen to music, play games, watch videos, and talk to one another on social media. You carry these things on you all the time in your phone so why not make let it make your phone look beautiful and fast? Here are some most beautiful Android launchers for you to upgrade your Android experience.

OF Launcher (Unreleased)

This app is currently in development stage and could be unstable sometimes. I personally like this launcher and using this. OF launcher has more than 10 desktop gestures, folder gestures, reachable gestures which make you feel comfortable to use it. You just have to swipe and slide to manage your Android and the quick access app drawer let you get where you need to go comfortably. OF launcher provides you with a clean desktop without widgets and icons everywhere as you can see in the screenshot above. It has one finger control features like:
-You can hold wallpaper to edit your current folder's name, apps and wallpapers
-Slide right/left to open drawer, slide again to enter manage page
-Create new folders in manage page
-Drag icon left or right and many more features.
You can download it from Play Store Click to here download

Arrow Launcher

Arrow is personal launcher from Microsoft that offers a radical simplification of the Android experience. Arrow is light weight, fast and efficient. With Arrow, you can personalise your device so that it matches your style. You can customise icon packs, homepage layouts, wallpapers and much more. With the Bing wallpaper of the day you can feature, you will have a fresh new look every day. 
You can download it from Play Store Click here to download

ZenUI Launcher

Another simple easy and fast launcher which is also called as Google Play's top-ranked ZenUI launcher. This launcher is absolutely free and all its themes are also free. You can customise this app the way you want it to be: apply your favourite themes, wallpapers and widgets, change app icons, apply scroll effects and much more. The best part about this launcher is that it is totally ad-free, you won't see any kind of advertisement while using this launcher. Demerit about this launcher is that this app isn't updated since many months and no new features are coming like developers have forgotten about this app but you can use this launcher as it is right now and if it is compatible with your android version.
You can download it from Play Store Click here to download

Nova Launcher

Nova launcher turned 5 this year and this launcher has been a major player in Android launcher lists. The reason is simple: Nova's mix of customization, convenience, and attractiveness are unparalleled. Nova lets your phone look more Pixel-y than a Pixel. You can download Nova launcher for free and also the paid version for $4.99. 
You can download it from Play Store Click here to download

Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is a relatively new comer to the market of launchers. First and foremost, like so many recent launchers, Evie has swipe up gesture to open the app drawer. Another popular gesture Evie has is the ability to double-tap the screen to put your phone to sleep either using the phone-locking Instant lock or Smart Lock-friendly Timer Lock. There is even a gesture shortcut to take you into Google Now, if you miss that dedicated page from Google Now Launcher.

Evie is easy to set up and run with, but you can customise the desktop grid and turn gestures on and off as needed.
You can download it from Play Store Click here to download

What's your favourite?

do you have your favourite launcher? What's on your Android phone now? Comment below.


  1. OF Launcher. Infact I'm using it currently and it is very much comfortable, though it is under development it works well, waiting for its official release with some new perks...


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